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Aniana's (Ahn-yah-nuh) musical career first bloomed in Phoenix, Arizona where she sang harmonies in The Mighty 602 Band, a reggae backing band that backed legends such as H.R. (of Bad Brains), Ras Michael, and Danny Clarke of The Meditations. She’s also worked in the 9-piece hip-hop band Antedote, singing smooth melodies over jazz-infused beats. After moving to Portland, she’s collaborated with such bands as Philly’s Phunkestra, Ben Darwish’s Commotion, Marv Ellis, Funk N’ Roses, Yak Attack, and more. Along the way she’s fallen in love with each style of music she’s performed – reggae, hip-hop, rock, funk, soul and folk. This summer she will be releasing her long-awaited debut solo LP, "Chapters" - a deeply personal memoir and captivating musical journey, backed by a powerhouse band of Portland's finest.


Aniana - Vocals

Brett McConnell - Bass

Dave Dernovsek - Keys

Nick Werth - Drums, Percussion

Darvey Santner - Guitar  

Marc Hutchinson - Tenor Sax

Bruce Green - Trombone

Paul Mazzio - Trumpet

Chris Couch - Background Vocals

Dan Hurley - Background Vocals




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Rivers Single Final Artwork.jpg

Newest Single, "Rivers"

by Aniana